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January meeting

On January 22nd, the first regular monthly meeting of LUA in 2024 was held. Firstly, Mr. Denys Kovalenko, the head of the LUA, presented the latest updates to the group. The main highlights of the presentation are the start of the official webpage and the application for the Swedish Institute grant, to establish collaboration between LU and Kyiv Polytechnic University (KPI). Then, the discussion followed. Several issues were raised, including: The needs for rehabilitation equipment in Ukraine, the possibility of collaboration in the biomedical theme between LU and KPI, the bottom-up perspective on cooperation development, etc. Several members of LUA and one guest, Professor Anatolii Orlov from KPI, were present. We’ll be moving forward with everything mentioned in the meeting and meet again in the next month.

Prepared by Denys Kovalenko

24 January 2024

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