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March meeting

On the 20th of March, the LUA monthly meeting was held. The meeting started with the latest updates from LUA by Denys Kovalenko. It was announced that LUA co-organize a visit of the famous Ukrainian writer, Max Kidruk, to Lund this May, and that LUA representatives would join the T.I.M.E. meeting on promoting academic cooperation with Ukraine in Europe.

Later, during the discussion, the basic course of the Ukrainian language in Lund was mentioned, with the possibilities for expansion if more students show interest. Alongside, the issue of the absence of a designated center for Ukrainian studies in Sweden was raised. We were also happy to have a newly joined member, Dr. Valentyna Savchyn, who shared information with the group about an application for Erasmus+ funding to establish an international Ukrainian language certificate, which is currently in review. With the interest in the Ukrainian language constantly growing worldwide, we hope that this application will be successful and that Mrs. Savchyn, along with other applicants, will bring the accepted Ukrainian language certificate system closer to fruition.

Prepared by Denys Kovalenko

28 March 2024

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